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Branch Director

Position Purpose:


The Branch Director is responsible for implementing and administering the agency’s philosophy, goals and policies.  The Branch Director is a strong leader with outstanding supervisory and administrative skills who directs and delegates the management of professional and ancillary services while assuring compliance with the federal, state and local laws.  The Branch Director shall assure optimum agency performance of the branch.  This position reports to the Area Director Operations.


Qualifications - Professional and Personal:


1.         Has a minimum of (3) three years of management experience in the delivery of health care service and meet one of the following criteria:

             a. is a registered nurse or

             b. is a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree with (1) one additional year of home 

                 health management experience or

             c. has an associate degree with (1) one additional year of home health management

                 experience or

             d. has had (3) three additional years of documented experience in health care delivery

                 services or

             e. has had (6) six additional years of documented administrative and managerial

                 experience in a governmental or corporate setting, other than in health care delivery

                 services; supervised at least 20 employees; 


2.                  Possesses the knowledge and ability to manage the total operations of the agency through administrative ability, initiative, resourcefulness, executive and analytical ability.


3.                  Demonstrates integrity, good judgment and initiative.


4.                  Is able to communicate articulately and comprehend written and verbal communications.  Functions efficiently in a stressful work environment.



Specific Functions/Responsibilities:


            •           Participates in the direction and coordination of the overall development and administration of the operations of the agency utilizing appropriate resources.


            •           Maintains compliance with the performance improvement activities of the company.




            •           Keeps current with legislative, community and third party payer issues that impact the Company’s development plans.


            •           Ensures compliance with the Company’s Compliance Program and federal/state regulations governing home health care services.


            •           Participates in maintaining an ongoing liaison with the Professional Advisory Board and coordination of an Annual Professional Advisory Board Meeting.
             •          Participates in the development and maintenance of recording and reporting systems to insure proper service and uniform accounting and data collection.


            •           Makes recommendations to the Area Director of Operations for future growth of all home health care services.


             •           Employs qualified personnel and ensures adequate staff education and evaluations.
            •           Oversees the recruitment, hiring and orientation of personnel.
            •           Provides staff direction through general meetings, timely personnel evaluations and productivity expectations.


            •           Makes operational recommendations to the Area Director of Operations based on sound financial judgment.


            •           Coordinates billing activities to assure timely billing per corporate direction.


            •           Participates in the implementation of an effective budgeting system.


            •           Manages financial resources according to budget and revenue projections.

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Date available:

Senior Home Care

Company Description:
Home Health Care Providers

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