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Administrator-Melbourne, Florida office

POSITION:                            Administrator RESPONSIBILITY:Responsible to the Director of Operations. To direct the activities, overall, and financial operations at the parent/branch level to ensure that services are provided at quality levels consistent with professional standards and goals of the Agency.  Is a licensed registered nurse        Minimum 2 years home health experience, training and experience in health service administration and at least 1 year of supervisory or administrative experience in home health care or related health programs. Current valid driver’s license ESSENTIAL TASKS:Plans overall development and administration of the parent/branch locations as set forth in the Medicare Conditions of Participation, Accreditation Standards and/or applicable state regulations under the direction of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board. Transmits policies of the agency to the professional staff at the parent/branch level to insure compliance with policies.3.Maintains ongoing liaison among governing body, group of professional personnel and the staff.4. Attends all Administrators, Advisory Board, and other Meetings as assigned by the Director of Operations.5.Organizes and directs the parent/branch locations ongoing functions, fulfilling the duties detailed in the job description.6.Prepares and submits administrative reports as directed by the Director of Operations.7.Maintains ongoing liaison with branch locations to ensure staff is competent, and able to provide appropriate, adequate, effective and efficient patient care to ensure any clinical and/or other emergencies are immediately addressed and resolved.8.Maintains awareness of Medicare guidelines and revisions, and implements procedures   necessary to work within the framework of the law.9.Ensures co-ordination of care for patient services with case conference minutes, reporting or effective interchange and documentation of patient information.10.Oversees care delivery and patient outcomes to ensure that care meets the patients’ needs.11.Acts in a professional manner at all times.12 Ensures that office procedures are being followed by parent/branch level staff at all times.13.Parent/branch maintains means for supervision in conjunction with periodic onsite visits.14. Monitors and takes reasonable steps to ensure that at the parent/branch level, the following occur:a.The exercise of the patients’ rights.Compliance with applicable Federal, State and local laws, and professional standards and principles.Compliance with accreditation standards.Compliance with all established policies and procedures.Compliance with the patients’ plan of care.  Information about patient and family perceptions of care provided.Investigation and resolution of patient complaints.Privacy of protected health information.15.Ensures compliance at local office/branch level with all related accreditation standards, state and local laws, Medicare/CMS, OSHA, DOL, CDC, EOE, and other applicable regulations.16.   Keeps the Director of Operations apprised of any problems or potential problems (operational, risk management, clinical, liability, or otherwise) that may significantly impact the parent/branch or company.17.   Ensures the overall financial stability of the parent/branch and meeting financial goals.18.   Implements, in concurrence with the Executive Director and the CEO, an effective budgeting/accounting system.19.   Ensures adequate cash flow achieved via smooth parent/branch operations/processes.20.   Assists and supports the Business Development team in achieving business development goals for the parent/branch office.21.   Ensures accuracy of public information, materials and activities.22.   Employs qualified personnel and ensures adequate staffing for all parent/branch and clinical positions evaluates recruitment/retention activity, and submits to Director of Operations requests new or additional positions when needed.23.Ensures adequate staff orientation, education and evaluations.24.   Designates a similarly qualified alternate person in writing, who has full control over all operational duties and responsibilities of the home health parent/branch locations, to act in the absence of the administrator at all times during operating hours.25.   Direct and control assigned operations and information to maintain sound privacy and security practices and prevent privacy or security breaches.  If a breach occurs, ensure corrective action is taken.26.   Ensures Professional Advisory Committee Meetings are conducted per policy at a minimum of twice a year, with parent/branch issues reviewed and documented.27.   Participates in the preparation of the agency-wide annual program review.28.   Direct, monitors, participates, communicates and educates staff in agency-wide planning and performance improvement programs/activities.      Supervisory:1. Meets with the parent/branch level staff on a weekly and/or as needed basis, to review operations and plans for the coming week.2.Interviews, orients, and directs all staff at the parent/branch level under his/her supervision (including, but not limited to: DON, Office Manager, Scheduler, Medical Records Clerk, Office Assistants, and other support staff). 3.Ensures proper and timely evaluation of performance of Director of Nursing and other staff as indicated, in accordance with Personnel Policy and Procedures.4.Reports all personnel matters requiring action to the Director of Operations.5.Approves time off requests for all parent/branch level staff to ensure adequate staffing for patient and office operations needs.6.Ensures that all office activities are completed correctly and in a timely manner within agency guidelines and policies.7.Provides education, coaching, and training for all parent/branch positions.8.Maintains a positive work environment in the parent/branch in accordance with the company mission and vision.9.Follows company policy regarding progressive disciplinary and corrective action with staff when necessary.10,Initiates recruits and maintains, with staff input, retention activities and programs for clinical staff on a regular basis to maintain appropriate staffing levels, with approval from the Director of Operations.11.Ensures that the numbers and qualifications of personnel available to provide and supervise services are sufficient to implement the plans of care and treatment to meet the medical, nursing and rehabilitative needs of the patients.12.Ensures that the qualifications and training of staff used under arrangement or contract are sufficient to implement the plans of care and meet the needs of the patient by implementing systems to:a.Verify the qualifications of the personnel.Ensure adequate orientation and supervision.Affirm that personnel comply with policies and procedures in care delivery.13.Affirms that written personnel policies support personnel practices and care.14.Cascades all information received at Administrators meetings, or applicable information from the Executive Director to staff in a timely manner.15.Establishes and maintains effective levels of communication with internal and external customers and staff.16.   Ensures that all home health care services, including nursing and therapeutic services are provided under the direction/supervision of a Registered Nurse or Physician..Financial:1.Reviews monthly parent/branch revenue and expense reports, and works with the Director of Operations or CEO and takes corrective actions when necessary.2.Ensures parent/branch level personnel are working within an acceptable budget. Consistently works towards monthly and annual parent/branch financial goals as outlined by the Director of Operations.4. Reviews reports and takes appropriate follow-up actions weekly and monthly.

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Family Home Health Services

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Home HealthCare

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