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Social Worker- Hospice

Job Title:    Social Worker
Position Summary:
The Social Worker is an integral part of the interdisciplinary care team and as such is responsible for assessing and addressing the psychosocial needs of the patients and families served by the agency.  He/She is responsible for conducting a comprehensive social work assessment and developing a plan of care to address identified needs.  He/She serves as a liaison to community agencies and resources including nursing homes and hospitals when patients are in these facilities.   Hours of service are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.. 
Reports to:     Director of Counseling Services
Supervises:    N/A
Others:         Medical Director, Staff Nurses, Volunteer and Bereavement staff, Spiritual
                   Counselor; interacts with discharge planners, insurance companies, skilled nursing
                   facility staff, vendors and other referring personnel.
Duties and Responsibilities:
1.       Assesses and identifies the social, psychological, emotional needs and strengths of the patient and family in an effort to determine their capacity and potential to cope during the stressful time of illness, death and bereavement. This process occurs within 2 working days after admission.
2.       Develops a social work plan of care to address identified needs and problems within the framework of clinical pathways. Uses rating and assessment scales appropriately.
3.       Does follow-up visits with patients and families after admission in accordance with the plan of care. The expectation is 2 to 4 visits per month per patient per the care plan.
4.       Helps the patient and family to understand, accept and follow medical nursing orders and recommendations.
5.       Assists the interdisciplinary team, nursing home and hospital staffs in understanding family dynamics and the psychosocial issues impacting care.
6.       Provides individual, group and family counseling, long range planning and community resource linking as indicated in the plan of care.
7.       Documents assessments and visits in a timely manner. Monitors and documents the progress of clients and makes service/treatment plan modification as needed.
8.       Provides individual and group bereavement services to families as required.
9.       Participates in the interdisciplinary team meeting and joint care conferences. Facilitates IDT as assigned.
10.     Participates in the quality assurance program, social work and peers audits as required.
11.     Participates as a consultant to other team members.
12.     Attends in-services as required by the agency and to meet social work licensing requirements.
13.     Performs other duties as required.
14.     Conforms to NASW Professional Code Ethics.
Must have a Bachelor’s Degree/ Master’s Degree
Must be licensed to practice social work in South Carolina unless being supervised under an MSW.
A minimum of one (2) year's experience in medical social services, preferably in a medical setting is desirable.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Must be able to work on a team, be committed to the agency's concept of care and demonstrate social work skills.
Ability to respond and function appropriately in crises situations.
Must possess and extensive knowledge of community resources and methods of accessing them.  Able to communicate effectively with community agencies and groups.
Possesses considerable knowledge of social work principles, practices and techniques.
Ability to use an automated data processing system.
Considerable knowledge of federal, state and local laws or regulations pertaining to social work services or programs.
Considerable knowledge of psychosocial and developmental principles and dynamics.
Ability to stimulate and engage clients in problem solving.
Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
A knowledge of the core care standards and rules for hospice and palliative care.
A repertoire of service-driven and patient-oriented interpersonal skills, a sincere appreciation of people.
The possession of multifaceted skills accompanied by flexibility; the knowledge that change can be difficult.
Able to recognize stress-related responses and able to develop coping mechanisms to deal with the innate stress of providing services to persons in crises.
The ability to assume responsibility for the patient and family's care and the patient's POC.
Self-direction and the ability to function autonomously in a non-structured atmosphere.
The desire to continue learning and being open to new information and clinical skills.
The ability to be open and sincerely accepting of people's unique and chosen lifestyles and the effects that these lifestyles have on their health.
The awareness and acceptance that a constant balance must be maintained between clinical and administrative demands.
A sense of humor and practical wisdom.
Time-management skills to be able to prioritize and manage diverse and sometimes equally important tasks and responsibilities.
Working Conditions:
Works in a normal office environment where there is little discomfort due to noise, heat, dust, etc.
Requires extensive travel within Horry/Georgetown/Marion County in personal automobile, therefore, must have current drivers license, auto liability insurance and demonstrated ability to operate an automobile.
Makes visits in patients homes which are not usually wheelchair accessible. Must be able to walk and climb stairs in homes.
Contact with patients' families with some risk of exposure to communicable diseases.

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Date available:

Mercy Care

Company Description:
Hospice & Palliative Care

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